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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take to complete?
The Online Program takes approximately 2-6 weeks to complete. The Workbook Direct Mail Program takes approximately 6-10 weeks. Most students work at their own pace, which may shorten or lengthen the time required to finish.

What is the difference between the two programs?
Online: This user-friendly automated course is easy to complete and includes all multiple choice and true/false questions. It also contains eight sessions with question and answer reviews after each session, a session test and a 50-question final exam.

Workbook: This hands-on program includes eight sessions with question and answer reviews after each, a session test and a 50-question final exam which is also the Certified International Decorators Entrance Exam. Projects are critiqued and returned to the student. Drafting templates, a color wheel for use during the course and for future decorating jobs, a resource section and a glossary of terms are included with this course of study.

Do I need any specialized training?
No. The DTI course is designed for self-motivated individuals who possess a natural talent for interior decorating. However, any previous training will only complement the student's ability to understand and complete the course.

What can I expect when the course is completed?
A new C.I.D. Member Kit will be mailed which includes: a frameable Certified Interior Decorator certificate, a laminated membership card and a member access code to teachings and updates on our C.I.D. website. In addition, every student will receive a frameable graduation certificate from Decorator Training Institute (D.T.I.). D.T.I. also offers post-graduation support to its students through our knowledgeable team of professionals who are here to help guide you if needed.

What are the benefits of becoming a "Certified Interior Decorator?"

C.I.D. is internationally recognized and is the ONLY certifying body for interior decorators worldwide. Becoming a member of C.I.D. will increase your potential for acquiring clients and provide total access to the wholesale trade workrooms and furniture showrooms.

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